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Hey, guys I just wanted to give a quick update about things right now. There are two reasons as to why I haven't uploaded any art in a bit

Reason 1: College. The end of the year is coming up fast and I have a lot of projects I have to do. Including a huge animation project that I've barely even started. Once I finish in late April hopefully I'll get back to posting art, unless reason 2 causes me problems

Reason 2: My Drawing Tablet is currently in the repair shop. Something seems to be wrong with the tablet's soket, which is preventing it from charging. I need my tablet for my animation project, so I figured it would be cheaper and quick to get it repaired than having to order a new tablet from online. I'm preying they can have it fixed in the next few days or week.

So that's all I have for now. Sorry to be a downer. But I just wanna let you guys know so you don't think I'm dead or something.

Have a nice day
Welcome to 2017! The Year of the Rooster for the Chinese New Year.
So just a quick update to explain what's happening in the next few months. I'm finishing up my last semester of college. This ones gonna be pretty stressful so I'm gonna try to avoid the computer for so I can focus since I spent too much time on it last semester.
Depending on how life treats me I may have time to upload a new art piece every now and then.
That's all I have to say for now.
Hope you have a good 2017 and many years to come.
Hey, guys. Just a quick update.
As some of you may know (seeing how it's on the header for the site) DeviantArt is a having a special sale for Core Membership.
I'm thinking about getting myself core membership for about three months, to try out some of the features it has to offers. Core Membership also has the option of changing you username, and that got me thinking.
When I get Core Member, do you guys think I should change my username?
DoodleTheDemon89 is the name 16 year old me choose when I first joined DeviantArt. I was going through a demon frenzy back then, and my obsession for demons was the reason I choose that name. The only problem is that I don't draw demons anymore, at least not as much I used to. DoodleTheDemon89 sounds like something a teenage fan girl would make up, which might turn some people away for my art. I want to change my name to something more mature and welcoming. But I want to make sure you guys are ok with it first, so it's not just a surprise out of the blue.  
I think it's about time for a change, and if it's gonna happen it might as well be now.
Tell me what you guys think down below. 
Today is a huge milestone for me! Thank you to :iconrubikat: for becoming my 200th watcher! It means the world to me that 200 people thought my art was good enough to be given a watch.
Now to celebrate this, I will be doing a big Thank You art piece in the next week after this Tuesday (I have my course exam that day) 

And as a little extra, just because it's the holidays, the first 5 people to comment below will each receive one art gift from me. For the five people who comment first, note me your request, and I will draw it for you.

Rules For Requests
-No Porn
-Nothing too complex 
-Nothing over PG-13 
-If you'd like me to draw your OC(s) 
send me a character reference in the notes
-Max amount of characters in a piece is 5 

I will try to do these requests in the next two weeks before Christmas.
So please be patient, my dears

Thank you again to all my watchers who allowed me to reach this milestone.
I hope you all have a fun and safe Holiday season and a Happy 2017 

Update Dec 18: Requests are now closed. 


I will spend the next few days working on your requests, so please be patient as I will work on them one at a time, in the order as shown below.
Hey guys I like to put a quick update about what going on right now.
Second year is a lot more stressful than last year. I got work thats starting to pile up and I have a huge animation project thats due before Christmas break. I also feel like I'm coming down with a cold. So yeah, things are getting pretty rough right now. In order to make things a little less rough, I've made a tough decision. I know I'm going to regret this someday, but I don't need this to cause me more stress.
I'm backing out of the For Display OCT.   
Its hurts to say this but I don't need any distractions from college right now. The audition ends in a week and I don't think I can finish the comic in time. My life is just too busy right now and I need to focus on my goals. I'm sorry to disappoint some of you, but I feel like this is for the best.
I will delete the first page for my audition, but I won't kill off Adeline and Milun. Maybe someday after I finish college I could enter them in another OCT. But for now I'll leave them be.
Again I'm really sorry disappoint some of you who were looking forward to my comics, but I feel like maybe my comics skills could get a little better. 
For those of you who are entering the For Display OCT, best of luck to you. I hope you get far and I'm really looking forward to reading your stories/comics
Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick update. It's been a while since I did one.
Anyways, right after Labour Day I start my second year of college. This year I'm really excited cause I'll have more freedom to study the areas of art I want to learn. Last year, all the classes were mandatory, but this year I have a choice. The field I mostly want to study in is animation and graphic design.
So since school is starting again, that means less art. However I am still trying to audition for the OCT :iconfordisplayoct:, which I'm hoping to finish before the deadline on October 2nd. Hopefully my school doesn't get too heavy handed in the first month. 

Anyways thats all I have to say for now. Have a good Labour Day, wherever you are. 
Hey guys. Just a quick heads up I'm planning on auditioning an OCT (Original Character Tournament) called :iconfordisplayoct: this summer.  
The reason I'm doing this is improve on my comic making skills, and to explore my story telling skills.
Also a lot of my favourite artists here on DeviantArt have been participating in them, in my perspective it looks like a lot of fun so I browsed DA for awhile till I found the ForDisplayOCT. The premise looks really awesome so I went ahead and joined. 
So if you see some weird comics popping up out of nowhere on my page it may have something to do with. 
These are the two characters I plan on entering
 Adeline ref by GamzyJamMilun ref by GamzyJam
If I get accepted into the tournament the story may take me a long to finish. I hope you guys will be interested in the story I'm going to throw these two in. But like I said I may or may not get in, so I'll have to wait and see. 
If any of you guys are interested in participating as well here's a link to the Group's page. All the info you need will be there. 

I have serious question I need to ask you guys. Do you think I should do paid commissions on DeaviantArt? And more importantly, would any of you ever consider buying a commission from me? I want to be sure of it before I jump right into it.
You see, I was able to find a job for the summer, however the hours are going to be quiet short and I'll only be working on weekends. I don't care so much for money as for finding something that'll keep me busy for the summer. By doing commissions I could also be improving on my art skills. Don't worry though, if I do set up commission they won't be terribly expensive. My maximum charge might be about $25 to $30, depending on the piece. So what do guys think?
I'd love to hear your opinions on the matter.
Check it out. My first speed paint  

Hope you guys like it
Hey guys, I just wanted to write a quick journal update. 
Just recently, my DeaviantArt page revived 20,000 page views. Yay! :happybounce: 
I'm so grateful for this. It means the world to me that so many people would take the time out their daily lives to view my page. When I first started my DA account I was lucky enough to get 1 page view a day. Thank you everyone who made this possible.
As a thanks I will be doing a speedpaint of a piece I've been meaning to do for a while now, but never got around to until now. It's already in the post-production process as I speak so I should have it uploaded onto Youtube (hopefully) by the end of the day. 

Again thank you so much to everyone for giving me 20,000 page view. May my art continue to interest you
It's finished! It's finally finished. Just in time before my last day of my first year of college. 

This is a personal project I've been working on for the past month and a half. The fire flake is like my own iconic symbol so I decided to make an animation about it.
I'm so tired:stayawake: 
Hope you guys like it <3

Hey, guys. Just wanted to write a quick update.
Sorry if I haven't been posting very much in the last little while. School has been very intense with final project coming up and stuff. I've notice that my page view status sky rockets every time I upload something new, I'm very grateful that people take the time to view my page. Thank youThanks for everything! 

Anyways, as some of you may have noticed, I haven't been posting very much MLP related content in a while. That's mostly because of school and interest in other things. However, I feel like I've been slowly losing interest in My Little Pony as time goes by. I'm not a fan of the Brony Reviewers anymore. Although I do some times watch a little bit of iLoveKimPossibleAlot and Doctor Wolf. I still love a lot of the creative and unique things that come out of the Brony Community, especially fan animations. But I feel as though the show its self is beginning to go down hill for me in terms of wowing me. The first two season, yay! Season 3, blah. Season 4, better. Season 5, ok. Equestria Girls Movies, meh. Recent Season 6 opening episodes, ...meh. The show is just losing interest with me. I liked the show when it was tame and simple and cute when they first started it. But now it seems like there trying to hard to please everyone's demands. If you like the show the way it is now, good for you. I have nothing against you, it's your tastes. But I'm one of those people who cute little cartoons that don't need to get complex unless the whole series is based on one big storyline, like Steven Universe.
I'm not saying not saying I'm quitting the fandom, or I'm gonna stop watching the show. However depending how I feel, I think Season 6 might be the last season I'll watch.
I know lots of you guys probably watched me because of my MLP content and are patiently waiting for me to release some more, but I don't think that'll be happening anymore. If you want to see MLP related art go find some other artists. There are probably tons of artists who deserve more attention then I do. So please, don't nag to me about creating MLP fan art cause it's not gonna be happening anytime soon, maybe. Sorry to disappoint some of you guys.

Now I want to make it clear to you guys that once I finish up school in three weeks, I might be starting commissions. I wanted to do something artsy for my summer job, unfortunately there aren't very many exciting art jobs in my home town. I've been thinking hard about it, and I think it'll be a great way to boost my art skills and my reputation on DeviantArt. But it's a maybe, for now, I'll have to set up a Pay Pal account and stuff first before I can even get started on commissions. 

Other than that, I'm just trying to finish up my final projects before the end of the year. Also, I'm taking my roommates to see Zootopia this weekend!I am a dummy! YAY! They haven't seen it yet and I've been pressure them to come and see it with me, because it's the greatest disney animal movie ever! After Lion King, of course. Zootopia will never replace my love for the Lion King. NEVER!Running in fear 
Anyways thats it for now. Bye for now
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I'm loved!!!bunneh icon14 


1) You have to post ALL the Rules
2) Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3) Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4) Choose 13 people
5) You have to legitimately tag 13  people
6) You CAN'T say you don't do tags
7) Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8) YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9) You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do what ever the creator tells you 
10) be creative with the title. no, " I got tagged" stuff.

~13 Facts about Me~

1) My favourite things to wear are sweaters. SWEATERS!!! 
2) My favourite movie of all time is Lion King. No movie could ever replace my love for it, not even Zootopia. 
3) I dislike it when people stereotype my Home country, Canada, as a cold waste land where everyone lives in igloos. Also our police only wear their Mountie Uniforms at events on Canadian Holidays  
4) I used to give hugs to my crushes in elementary school. Looking back on it now, I feel so embarrassed cause sometimes I would chase them around the whole school :cringe: Panda Emoji-24 (Oh...) [V2]   
5) I was always the tallest kid in my grade, up until the boys started catching up to my height in grade 11 
6) I have't played Undertale yet, but I want to so badly!
7) The only Valentine's gift I ever got from a guy was a rose my ex boyfriend gave to me... Two years after we broke up :bademoticon:    
8) Eight is my lucky number. (although it's never won me anything)
9) I have a huge pointy round nose sticking out from my face. I'm like a puffin.  
10) I had a vision in a dream a few weeks ago that came true. In my dream, I was looking at my alarm clock and it said 8:00am, and I had to be at school by 8:30. I grabbed my pants but than I realized that I had two widows in my room. My real college bedroom only has one large window. Thats when I realized I was dreaming ad then I woke up to find it was only 5am. But three days later I woke up and looked at my clock which said 8:00am and I grabbed my pants, which were in the exact place I saw them i my dream. Really weird...:| (Blank Stare)   
11) I got my tongue stuck to my dad's fishing boat during the winter when I was 4. Yes I tried to lick a boat, I was a weird kid. 
12) I was considered the baby of my family up until my cousin had a baby a few years ago. 
13) If I could be any animal I'd want to be a duck. I don't why, ducks are awesome. Everyone loves ducks. Quack! 

~Questions for Toi~

1) Salut! How's your week going? Meow :3
Pretty good. I'm a little tried and stressed since the end of the year is coming up. I college we end school in April

2) How old were you when you first created your first deviantart account? Were you excited?
I was 16 when I first joined DA. I mostly joined cause I found this awesome comic series on here. But after a little while I started creating art of my own. 

3) Could you name TEN of your favourite characters? (from drama/movies/anime/cartoons/anything/etc)

10) Rarity (My Little Pony)
9) Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
8) Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
7) Amethyst (Steven Universe)
6) Asriel (Undertale)
5) Ice Bear (We Bare Bears)
4) Garnet (Steven Universe)
3) Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)
2) Fluttershy (My Little Pony)
1) Tomoko Kuroki (WataMote) I relate to her so much. 

4) How many languages do you know, out of curiousity? Mother tongue?
I can only speak English. I dropped out of French class when I was I grade 7 cause of bullying and shit.  

5) Hmm, is it possible to cry underwater? If yes, how could you tell if the person in front of you was crying?
Maybe if they were wearing goggles then yes. I dunno I DUNNO LOL Icon 

6) If Superman is so smart, why does he where his underwear over his pants? :T //shot
Fashion statement possibly. 

7) Any current obsessions? 
Nutella and Cartoons. Mmmmm... Nutella...Gahhhhh...

8) Watching any good cartoon/anime/tv shows/movies lately?
Steven Universe, WataMote, We Bare Bears, Bravest Warriors, Bee and PuppyCat, Rick ad Morty, Zootopia, Ghost Adventures, and a few old Simpson episodes here ad there.

9) Name one embarrassing moment from your past? :iconimhappyplz: //kicked
Oh god! I have so many. But this one time my class went on a school field trip to an indoor waterpark since it was close to the end of the year and all. There was this massive rope swing that dropped into the deep end of the wave pool. Being the weird eleven year old I was I thought i'd be cool to the Tarzan cry as I swung off. But when I swam up to the surface everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. One of the most embarrassing moments of my life.  

10) Any Yaoi or Yuri couples you love?
Both are cute. But I kind of think Yuri is cuter. 

11) *ahem* Now, let's talk about something serious... *Slaps on some shades* B-) (Cool) Donald Trump//shotshotshot

..................words cannot describe how much I hate that man. He cause a huge riot in Chicago 2 days ago after his speech. He's saying it's ok to use violence against anyone who opposes him. And he claims that it's Muslim's and Mexican's fault there is so much unemployment in the states. It's no laughing joke anymore people, he's becoming the next Hitler. I'm serious.  

12) :iconlazycryplz: ...asdhj...etto....Favourite Youtuber??
Markipler, no doubt about it
13) Hey look! You're all finished! Any last words, before we go? Boring..Boring..Onion 
Stay in school, kids.

    My Question to You

1) Hello
2) What kind of art do you like?
3) Tell me something interesting that has happened to you in the last week.
4) Have you seen Zootopia yet?
5) What's your opinion on potatoes?
6) What do you enjoy most about the internet?
7) Happy Saint Patty's DayHappy St. Patricks Day 
8) How do you react when someone you think is attractive is flirting with you?
9) BEAR!!!
10) See any good movies lately?
11) How ready are you for spring, or fall if you live below the equator. 
12) What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
13) Thanks, anything you wanna say before I go?

Ok I tag:

:icon7thdeath:, :iconbaratomato:, :iconasheepdraws:, :icontwistedsongbird:, :iconilovecreativity14:, :iconcoffee-ponies:, :iconfarahin001:, :iconmr-toontastic:, :iconrancor-palmach:, :iconmoomoominty:, :iconcammypawz:, :iconlaceyloo22:, :icons-catterchu:

Good luck my fellow taggers. BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Hey guys. Just wanted to give an update about whats happening in the next little while. So this Friday coming up is the start of my Spring Break. I get a week off from school, which I'm going to be spending at home with my parent and in front of a computer to draw for all you lovely people.
However after my break things will be pushed into high gear as I have to get started on my major Final Projects before the end of the year in April. That means between late February and Early April I won't be updating as much. However that does not mean I will not pass by DeviantArt every now and then.      

Also this Monday coming up, February 8th, is my 19th Birthday yay  
In Canada, 19 is a pretty big deal since it means I'll be legal to drink. Which I don't really care cause I don't drink alcohol very much.
But whats really exciting about my birthday this year is that it's on the same day as the Chinese New Year, The Year Of The Monkey.
So to all of my watchers who celebrate the Chinese New Year I wish you luck and prosperity in the New Year. 

Anyways thats all I have for now. Bye.

This was part of a group project for my Stop Motion Animation class. 
I liked it a lot so I thought I'd share it with you guys 

Btw the girl's voice is mine. Yep thats what I sound like in real life

Hope you guys like it 
Yeah, the title says it all.
I've just been feeling really tried lately, possibly from the winter blues. I can't seem to focus on my art very well, which is weird cause I have a few of creative ideas buzzing through my head but I can't bring those ideas to life. 
I hope you guys don't mind if I take a small break, just to get enough rest to get back into the A Game. 
Don't worry, I'm still doing fine. I'm just disappointed with myself cause I know I can do better. I still need to create art anyways for school. But I can't predicted how long this art block might last. 
Hey guys. I just realized that I forgot to share the animation I made for my term final project. 
Unfortunately I can't upload it to deviantArt or YouTube since some of the data of the original animation was lost. 
However it is up and open to public on Link below

It was my first attempt at hand drawn animation in Photoshop
Also you may notice that the characters are not filled in with colour, that's because i ran out of time for when this project was due. But I still tried my best.

Hope you guys like it
Time to say good bye to 2015 and hello to 2016. 
I have to say 2015 was a really interesting year, with many goals and accomplishments. Graduation, College, completing my first hand drawn animation, and improving my art immensely. But I hope 2016 will be even better. 
Best of Wishes to you all in the New Year and many years to come. 
I survived my first semester of college, and with a B and C average. Hallelujah! 

It's feels good to finally have time off now. I hope you guys are having a greate Winter Break as well. Hope you guys have an awesome Holiday Season. 

Just to let you guys know that I'll be getting back create digital art again a bit this week and the week after Christmas.

Bye for now
Hey guys, just wanted to write a quick update since it's Friday and I have time to spare. 
So those of you who go or have been to college would know that the first Term ends right before Christmas, which means lots of final projects and exams to prepare for. I wanna get ahead as much as I can so that I have more time to study. So for the time being up until Christmas break I won't be uploading any new art (Except for tomorrow when I finish 2 art pieces)

Also I'm finishing up a short hand drawn animated project featuring my two characters, Roger and Matthew. Once I finish my exams I'll upload it onto DeaviantArt and YouTube so that you guys can see it. Originally I had planned for it to be a minute and a half long, but hand drawn animation takes a lot of time and patience. I had less time than I thought I did so had to shorten it to 15 seconds. The plot is still the same, it's just more straightforward. Still, my instructor was really impressed by the amount of work and determination I was putting into this project; more so than everyone else in my class. 

So yeah, that's all I have to say for now. 
Hope you guys have a good weekend